Professionalism, Commitment and Integrity

Sherper Tan RN MMIA

Registered Migration Consultant MARN 1465205


Graduate certificate in Australian immigration law and practice, Victoria university

Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Philippines

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Philippines


skilled migration visa, family and partner visas, graduate visa, visitor visa, child visa, student visa



My Story

Mr Tan is an Australian citizen who immigrated from the Philippines as a registered nurse.

In 2012, Mr Tan formed a consultancy entity called Mildura services for overseas nurses(MSON) in Australia. He went on to help fellow nurses from overseas who were trying to gain registration with the Australian health practitioners regulation agency (AHPRA). Eventually, MSON became Quantum Immigration Australia in 2014.

Prior to migrating to Australia , Mr Tan had almost ten (10) years of managerial and marketing experiences such as in Forest Lake Development, Inc. performing the role of sales and marketing director. Mr. Tan completed the graduate certificate in Australian immigration law and practice at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

Our values

Professionalism and integrity
We base our decisions and actions around them. Thus, we will always act with honesty, transparency and respect for the law and people.

Client first is our commitment
The client will be the centre of everything. We do this by managing and understanding their relevant circumstances.

Client’s best interests are top of our mind
We will always uphold the client’s best interests, within the limits of the law.